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    We Bought a House with Surrogacy Job

    The Surrogacy Money Allowed Us to Buy a House

    surrogacy jobMy husband and I decided when our children were born that I would stay home with them in a house we owned. Well, I did stay home with the kids, in a small rental apartment. This was fine at first but my husband’s salary wasn’t going up very fast so we were never able to put together the down payment on a house.

    As the kids got bigger the rental apartment got smaller and we realized we weren’t going to be able to live there forever. That’s when I started looking around for a job I could do from home. As I was checking my social media news feed one night I noticed that a woman I had been friends with in high school was acting as a surrogate mother for a woman who couldn’t carry her own child.

    My first thought was “wow, what a great thing to do for somebody.” My second thought was, “I wonder how much she’s getting paid?” I contacted her with some questions and we decided the best way for her to answer them all was to get together with our families. When I mentioned it to my husband he was skeptical at first but decided we should at least get together with the other family and see how it was working for them.

    That weekend we met the family at a pizza place where the kids could play while we talked. My friend and her husband discussed their decision for her to be a surrogate so she could stay home with their children and still make money. When they mentioned that they were saving the surrogacy money for the down payment on a house it really struck a chord with both my husband and myself.

    At that moment I realized I could help our family buy a house without working outside of my home. The $60,000 paid to first time surrogacy money by Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, they are highest paying surrogacy agency for surrogate, would cover the down payment we needed. Before we left the pizza place that night I had made an appointment with my friend to go to RSMC with her to talk to her friends in the surrogacy team and sign up for a medical screening.

    After she paid the bill for the pizza and games my friend told me about the $1,000 referral fee she would get if I passed the medical screening and signed up to be a surrogate. She told me she’d split it with me and explained that anybody I brought in as a surrogate would earn me a $1,000 referral fee too. For that I didn’t even need to be a surrogate. She got most of her referrals from people seeing it on her social media pages, like I did, so this is definitely something I could do too.

    Forward a year, I passed the medical and was matched two months later with a lovely couple who needed a surrogate and were so thrilled when we were matched. Throughout the IVF and pregnancy the team at RSMC was helpful, caring and professional. I always felt well taken care of and my family felt cared for too. When I got my first check we set up a special “house” account and put my checks in there immediately.

    While I was still pregnant we were looking at houses regularly and, shortly after I gave birth, we bought our first house. We still can’t believe we own a house in a great neighborhood. As we were getting to know our new neighbors I shared the story of how we put together the down payment for the house. I’ve already had a couple of moms talk to me about surrogacy. The money I make from referring surrogates to RSMC will come in handy as we furnish the house.

    —J.P., Escondido, CA


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