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    How is the surrogacy process screening performed?

    If done correctly, the  Surrogate/Donor Medical Screening and Selection process is extensive and divided into the steps below.

    Clinical Team

    • Before you are even presented with a surrogate, our licensed clinical Psychologist controls the two day Psychological intake surrogacy screening process ensuring your surrogate is psychologically capable and prepared to be a surrogate.  At a 4 % pass rate, (due to our stringent surrogate screening) you can be assured that your surrogate mother will be fully educated, informed and psychologically competent to become a surrogate.
    • The Psychologist ensures that only the most qualified women make it to the next step.  This portion of the screening entails: standardized psychological paper/pencil testing, in-person clinical interview (which also includes the surrogate’s spouse), a criminal background check (family background check) and home inspection (upon request).

    Medical Team

    • While the psychological assessment is occurring, all of the surrogate’s previous birth and delivery records are reviewed by the head of our OB/GYN panel.  This medical evaluation is done to check that there were no problems with any of her previous pregnancies and/or deliveries.
    • After being cleared by our in-house Psychologist and OB/GYN, our IVF Physicians conduct an IVF checkup which includes a hysteroscopy.  This allows them to examine the surrogate mother’s uterus to make certain there are no pre-existing medical issues that may cause problems during the pregnancy.
    • Our Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) and IVF Physicians (Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility / REI) work together to ensure your surrogate is medically capable to become a surrogate. This stringent screening process immediately disqualifies 50% of the women applying to become a surrogate in our program.
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