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    What Does It Take to be a Surrogate

    To be a Surrogate You…

    be a surrogateIf you are considering becoming a surrogate, you already understand the power you have to change lives. As a surrogate, you can realize significant financial benefits of surrogate. But nothing will be as rewarding as making someone’s dreams come true.

    Why consider being a surrogate with RSMC?

    Comprehensive Matching Process: Our matching process relies on detailed criteria to assure the greatest compatibility.  We’re proud of our 100% match rate.

    Generous Financial Compensation: $40,000+ for first-time surrogates, that’s $10,000 more than the industry average. Experienced surrogates make more.

    OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy: An experienced physician will closely monitor your pregnancy and create a delivery and birth plan.

    24-Hour Personal Support: You will be provided a case manager available 24 hours throughout the process to provide constant support.

    Clear Legal Guidelines: You are provided your own independent legal counsel to protect your rights and clear terms and guidelines are established for the entire process.

    Post-Delivery Support: You will continue to receive support from the Case Manager and psychologist.

    Surrogate Qualifications

    • 20.5 to 36 years old
    • No prior complications during pregnancy or delivery
    • Healthy lifestyle
    • No criminal history
    • Reliable transportation
    • Generous financial package offered

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    If you would like to apply, click here to be taken to the online form.

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