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    9 Tips in Becoming a Surrogate Mother

    Here are 9 things to keep in mind when becoming a surrogate mother:Becoming a Surrogate Mother

    1. Becoming a Surrogate Mother

    As you may already know, roughly 12% of the reproductive age population is suffering from infertility in the US. For many of these people, the only option is surrogacy. Fortunately, this is easier than ever to accomplish thanks to gestational surrogacy and donor eggs.

    • Women who pass the initial screening advance to the testing step.
    • Testing involves complete medical and fertility exams.
    • Drug testing and social history validation are necessary.
    • The best qualified are women who have had uncomplicated, healthy pregnancies.

    Most women feel more comfortable with a larger medical center where everything, including doctors, labs & legal advisors, are under one roof.

    2. The Gift of LIFE

    Surrogates have a super power, they can give the gift of life.

    These women love children and feel incredible compassion for people who can’t carry their own children, including:

    • Women infertile due to medical issues.
    • Women with viable eggs who can’t carry a pregnancy.
    • Menopausal women.
    • Women born with abnormal reproductive organs.
    • Single men and women wishing to become parents.
    • Same sex couples.

    3. Take Good Care of Yourself

    • A healthy mommy equals to a healthy baby, it makes sense to take care of yourself while pregnant.
    • The monthly surrogacy stipend should more than cover hiring help when you need it so you don’t overwork.
    • Professional surrogacy agencies hold monthly get-togethers for surrogates where they, and their families, can socialize with other surrogate families.

    4. Seek Out Surrogacy Professionals

    • The term professional refers to individuals with more than 20 years’ experience, don’t be fooled by less experienced physicians.
    • Visit the surrogacy center to make sure you feel comfortable with the staff and doctors.
    • Professional surrogacy centers have numerous resources, they can ma