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    San Diego Southern IVF California Fertility Clinic

    Reproductive center in California is a private  fertility clinic located in San Diego, California. The southern California fertility center has an excellent record of helping people build their family through individualized fertility services. RSMC isn’t afraid to handle the most difficult fertility cases, even if it drives down our success rate figures. We are known for turning “hopeless cases” into happy parents. With over 30 individual protocols available to use, our California fertility clinic specializes in providing the most advanced level of care while maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This reproductive center in California goal is to make every patient comfortable and help them understand what’s going on and what’s being asked of them. They are happy to answer as many questions as the patient can come up with and then some. Our state-of-the-art facility leverages the latest advancements to ensure high pregnancy rates. Having a baby can be very stressful and getting help should not be. Let us help you achieve your dream of family today.

    IVF California Fertility Services

    The staff and doctors at reproductive center in California offer the latest fertility treatment options to patients around the world.  Conveniently located near the beach and major freeways in San Diego, California, RSMC is a premiere destination reproductive center in California for national and international patients. We are constantly updating our equipment and implementing the latest technologies in order to give our patients the best possible outcome, a baby.  When starting their journey to parenthood at our reproductive center in California or  IVF fertility center, our patients undergo fertility testing to evaluate, and try to isolate, the cause of their infertility.  Once testing is completed, an individualized treatment plan is developed based on the patients test results, individual wishes, and chances of success with various treatments options.  When problems such as advanced age interfere with chances of getting pregnant, or when there are problems with egg or sperm quality, egg donors and sperm donors offer excellent chances of pregnancy. RSMC has a complete egg donor program, which includes an extensive list of donor profiles, as well as an Elite Egg Bank where you can select from a variety of frozen eggs. With the frozen eggs, you are assured of enough eggs being available for 3 rounds of IVF, which is enough for most people.
    Surrogacy has become the natural next step for this California fertility clinic when carrying a baby to term isn’t an option for the Intended Parents. RSMC, a California IVF center, is a leading epicenter for surrogacy in southern California. The program is all-encompassing, it includes our in-house psychologists, attorneys and surrogacy service all under one roof. Our exceptional and reputable network of OB/GYN’s fully understand the surrogacy arrangement and are ready to work with not only our surrogates but also with our Intended Parents, allowing you to have direct contact with those taking care of your surrogate mother and developing baby.

    There Are Many Reasons to Choose RSMC, a Ivf California Fertility Clinic, for Surrogacy

    High Pregnancy Success Rate – our high surrogate/egg donor pregnancy rate  – over 80% surrogacy pregnancy for 10+ years* and over 87% egg donor pregnancy rate for 10+ years* – is a direct result of the over 40 years of combined experience for our embryologists and IVF doctors.
    Comprehensive Matching Process – our matching process relies on detailed criteria to assure the greatest compatibility. You will receive an in-depth profile of the surrogate, including photographs, medical history, educational and other relevant information. We’re proud of our 100% match rate.
    Stringent Surrogate Screening and Selection – – prior to being accepted into our program, prospective surrogates undergo a thorough criminal background check, intensive psychological assessment and complete medical evaluation. Our surrogate selection rate is currently only 4%.
    OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy – an experienced physician will closely monitor the surrogate and create a delivery and birth plan. Detailed reports on both the baby and surrogate will be sent directly to the parents, who can also communicate directly with the physician.
    24-Hour Personal Support – both you and the surrogate will be provided a Case Manager available 24 hours throughout the process to provide constant communication and support. Our psychologist monitors surrogates to ensure continued emotional stability and a clean lifestyle. Post-delivery support includes legal documents, pediatrician referral, continued Case Manager and psychologist services.
    Clear Legal Guidelines – all parties are represented by separate counsel whereby eliminating conflicts of interest.  Clear terms and guidelines are established for the entire process. Establishment of Parental Rights puts your name on the birth certificate.
    *The pregnancy success rate for surrogacy and egg donation cycles are not SART reported. Viewers should use their own discretion on the data provided. Caution: Patient characteristics vary among programs; therefore, this data should not be used for comparing clinics.
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