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    Fertility Financing with CapexMD – Preferred Lender

    CapexMD specializes in patient financing services for all fertility treatment options.
    Through our partnership with CapexMD, we are able to offer customized loan programs with highly competitive rates that include a variety of loan types. Their simple loan process makes the experience of fertility financing relatively stress-free.

    Their loan programs cover all fertility treatment options — including fertility medications and genetic testing if necessary — so you can be sure that none of your expenses are left uncovered.
    Once approved, our financial counselors will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure that your funds are secured on time and your treatment is not delayed.
    Together with CapexMD we can make sure financial issues do not get in the way of your dream of having a baby.
    Some of CapexMD’s many advantages include:

    • Specialist in Fertility Financing
    • Competitive Rates
    • Pre-Approval within 24 Hours
    • Highest Confidentiality
    • No Prepayment Penalties
    • Personal Attention
    • Easy and Secure Online Application
    • Flexible Terms
    • No Annual Fees
    • Retain Your Existing Credit Sources

    Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours. Learn more about CapexMD by visiting their site or by calling 1-888-497-8414.
    Use our loan payment calculator here!

    Fertility Financing with Lending Club


    We are pleased to present flexible payment plans through Lending Club Patient Solutions. Lending Club Patient Solutions offers:

    • Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments that never change over the life of the loan
    • Patient-friendly, True No-Interest Plans with no retroactive interest
    • No upfront payments
    • No prepayment penalty
    • It’s easy to calculate your potential monthly payments. Simply complete a short application which displays fixed rates and monthly payments available for Extended Plans, all without impacting your credit score.

    For more information, contact our Financial Coordinator or visit lendingclub.com/patients.

    Insurance Coverage

    We do recognize that the type and amount of insurance coverage can impact your decision with respect to fertility treatment.

    Understanding insurance coverage and costs can be overwhelming. Insurance coverage for infertility treatment varies by insurance company. Many companies cover diagnostic procedures such as: consultations, the initial ultrasound, initial blood work, and semen analysis. Some may provide coverage for treatment.

    It is also important not to assume that because an insurance policy may cover your fertility treatment, there will be no costs. Many benefits have a “cap” at a certain amount. This means that a provider will pay up to a certain amount towards services, but anything more will be out of pocket. It is also possible that the process is reversed. First a patient will pay a certain amount before any benefits kick in. We always recommend reaching out to your carrier to go over your benefits.

    become an egg donor

    Accepted Insurance Plans

    Many employers have multiple options for insurance coverage. If you are considering infertility treatments, we suggest looking at each policy to ensure that you are maximizing your coverage for treatment.

    Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is both an “in network” and “out of network” specialty facility and accepts PPO insurance only. The “in network” insurance providers we accept are Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and United Healthcare. Additionally, the “out of network” providers we accept are Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare, and United Healthcare.

    Insurance FAQs

    This depends whether or not infertility has been purchased as a benefit. Some insurance providers may cover a portion of treatment if it is a medical necessity. Benefits vary by insurance policy. We always encourage our patients to reach out to their provider for an explanation of coverage.

    RSMC accepts both “in network” and “out of network” PPO insurance only. We accept “in network insurance from Blue Cross, Blue Shield and United Healthcare. We also accept “out of network” insurance from Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare, and United Healthcare.

    Following your initial consultation, your physician will outline a treatment plan and the associated costs. Costs will vary depending on what type of treatment is recommended. Without health insurance there are additional rate plans available as well as several financing options. Contact our office for more details.

    Couples often find out that infertility diagnosis and certain treatments are covered by their insurance. However, IVF and others may be excluded. California is one of 13 states with an infertility mandate in place. This is a “soft” mandate, which gives employers the option to offer infertility benefits. Since it is not required, not many employers will purchase the coverage. Since your employer makes the final decisions about health insurance, it might be a good idea to speak with your Human Resources representative to find out what it would take to have infertility treatments included in your benefits package.

    Typically, PPO insurance does not require pre-authorization for an initial consultation. If your insurance requires a pre-authorization to see a specialist, then you must get a referral from you OB/GYN to see a fertility specialist. Pre-authorizations may also be needed for any testing, ultrasounds, or blood work. Your assistance in coordinating authorizations is important in order to protect you from the surprise of becoming financially responsible if they do not pay.

    Here are some important questions to ensure that you have the right coverage for treatment:

    1. Does my insurance cover diagnostic evaluation for infertility (lab work, ultrasound, etc.)?
    2. Do they cover physician, hospital, and lab charges?
    3. Is treatment for infertility such as IUI or IVF covered?
    4. What is my co-payment?
    5. Are injectable or oral medications covered (Clomid, Lupron, etc.)?
    6. Do I need to use a specific contracted pharmacy?
    7. Do I need to us a specific contracted laboratory?

    IVF Guarantee Program

    RSMC offers an IVF Guarantee Program to qualified patients. This program gives intended parents additional confidence before their treatment starts. If you qualify for and are accepted into the program and find that you are not successfully pregnant**, you will be refunded 100% or part of the treatment fees you have paid. While IVF has proven to be a very successful treatment option, some patients with certain conditions may require multiple cycles to become pregnant.  

    The IVF Guarantee Program
    Our program offers multiple prepaid cycles at a flat rate. The services include: All consultations (except the initial consultation), monitoring for each cycle, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, cryopreservation, and the first year of embryo storage.

    **Safely past the first trimester

    Complimentary Consultation
    couple visiting doctor at family planning clinic
    Fertility Consultation

    Two-Cycle + One Donor Cycle Plan

    Patient and the donor will receive up to 3 cycles of retrieval (two of patient’s own egg retrieval and one donor egg retrieval) and the patient will receive one–multi transfers (fresh and frozen). Participant’s criteria are subject for physician’s approval.

    Guarantee Program details are available at our center. Please schedule a consultation to learn more.

    Complimentary Consultation


    RSMC accepts most major insurances for our professional fee and diagnostic testing and will facilitate application and billing. However RSMC’s facility and laboratories, tissue banks and certain procedures are not subject to insurance payments and will be prepaid only. Our billing department will facilitate super-bill generation for all our patients upon request. For details, please consult with RSMC’s financial coordinators.

    Complimentary Consultation

    Program Ineligibility Factors

    • 38 years or older (treatment must be finished by 38th birthday)
    • Smoker for at least 12 months prior to start of medications
    • Prior failed IVF cycle or miscarriage
    • Body Mass Index of 30 or higher
    • AMH above normal limits
    • Ovarian Cystectomy or Endometrioma
    • FSH and Estradiol levels over normal limits
    • Untreated Hydrosalpinx
    • Insufficient Antral Follicle Count
    • Abnormal uterus
    • PGD/PGS – genetic abnormalities
    • Other underlying health issues
    • Body Mass Index of 30 or higher
    • Untreated Hydrosalpinx
    • Donor must be under age 30 & have a normal ovarian reserve
    • Prior failed donor IVF cycle or miscarriage with donor eggs
    • Abnormal uterus
    • PGD/PGS – genetic abnormalities
    • Non-obstructive azoospermia
    • Age 55 or older
    RSMC Legal Representation

    Legal Representation

    We understand the decision to seek fertility treatment may be influenced by legal and safety concerns. For this reason, we provide legal representation dedicated to guide and protect parents, egg donors and surrogates. Our independent legal counsel provides support before, during, and after your journey. This includes establishing an agreement, ensuring it is enforced, and making sure all terms are met.

    Complimentary Consultation


    As with any pregnancy, there are uncertainties associated with medical care costs. To account for the fluctuation of costs, we offer professional services and transparent pricing. Some agencies may lower prices during the contract signing period but charge more at a later date. We make it our priority to ensure our Intended Parents are aware of pricing before their journey begins. Our insurance plans cover those choosing to use a surrogate to assist in their journey.

    RSMC Financial Insurance

    Surrogate, OB/GYN and Medical (including accident) Universal Insurance:

    When using a surrogate, medical care costs are a big concern for most Intended Parents. To eliminate this concern, we offer Universal Insurance to cover all medical expenses. This minimizes out-of-pocket costs for the Intended Parents. The surrogate will be enrolled in an insurance plan that covers all medical expenses associated with her pregnancy. Costs included: physician’s visits, ultrasounds, surgical procedures, and other related expenses. With our policy, the surrogate can choose their own physician and hospital, giving them access to the best possible medical care. 

    Other Insurance Options:

    1. IVF Catastrophic/accidental insurance
    2. Surrogate Life Insurance
    3. Surrogate Permanent Disability Insurance
    4. Loss of Reproductive Organ Insurance


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