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    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy

    The New Openness About Surrogate Pregnancy has Expanded Society’s Definition of Parenthood

    What is parenthood, exactly? Is it giving birth and raising a child you’re genetically related to? Many people would say “yes, of course,” but what about the people raising adopted children? Or children of relatives? Or siblings? They are parenting, just like the more traditional families, and society recognizes that too. Most countries have a formal process for adoption. It is because they acknowledge that there doesn’t have to be a genetic connection to make someone a parent. As gestational surrogacy and surrogate pregnancy has become an accepted option for family building, it has expanded society’s definition of parenthood to be a little more inclusive. RSMC fertility clinic, San Diego discusses how surrogacy process has become more mainstream and appealing for modern society.

    Gestational Surrogacy Brought Surrogacy into the Mainstream of Society

    Traditional surrogacy started to become a valid option for creating a family in the 1970s. However, it’s only since the introduction of gestational surrogacy in 1985 that surrogacy made a greater impact. It changed how society views parenthood and families.

    Before that time there were so few surrogate mothers around. Most people didn’t know a surrogate mother personally. Some even didn’t know what a surrogate mother was. Thanks to gestational surrogacy and an increasing number of reputable surrogacy agencies, more and more people now have first-hand knowledge of surrogacy. People have now accepted it as another path to build a family.

    Nowadays, more people are putting off parenthood until they’re established financially. By doing so they are missing their prime child-bearing years. Because of that, there has been a greater need for fertility services. At the top end of the fertility services, is gestational surrogacy. Here a surrogate mother carries a child to pregnancy term that she is not genetically related to.


    How is Surrogate Pregnancy Different?

    In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the genetic mother of the child. With traditional surrogacy, one had to spend a lot of time finding a surrogate who fit the general description of the intended mother or had a look the intended parents liked.

    The number of women who want to become a surrogate in the traditional manner is small compared to the women who prefer to be a gestational surrogate. A reason is that they can help anyone, not just people looking for someone who looks like them.

    There’s also the time factor. It can take years to find a suitable traditional surrogate. Whereas, most surrogacy agencies have lists of gestational surrogate mothers who are available immediately. One of the biggest advantages of using gestational surrogate is that the intended mother can be the genetic mother if she can produce viable eggs, even if she can’t carry a pregnancy to term.

    There are people who cannot carry a pregnancy to have children that they are the genetic parents of. It is one of the factors that has made surrogacy more mainstream. It has changed the way society views parenthood. Surrogacy used to be an extra-ordinary challenge, involving a lot of searching and time. But the time has changed. Now choosing gestational surrogates is literally the very next option on the list of ways to build a family.

    Reputable Surrogacy Agencies

    As surrogacy has become more common, the need to use a reputable surrogacy agency has become more valid. Like adoption, there are a lot of legal issues involved with surrogacy. It is vital to make sure all parties involved realize their rights and responsibilities. A good surrogacy agency will have their program set up for both the surrogate and intended parents. They will provide legal representation, a contract that spells out payment structure and covers all typical outcomes, like multiple births. With this kind of security in place, a woman who wants to become a surrogate, can feel secure in her choice. Thus, she doesn’t have to worry about a lot of what ifs.” RSMC – San Diego, CA provides a one-stop legal and procedural solution for surrogacy process.

    Celebrities Using Surrogate Pregnancy

    One of the primary things that caught people’s attention is the number of high-profile celebrities using surrogate mothers. Some stars have been very open about using the services of a surrogate mother. To name some, there is Tyra Banks, Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Neil Patrick Harris, Nicole Kidman, Ricky Martin, Kim Kardashian West and Elton John. These celebrities’ honesty about their choice to use a surrogate mother has opened-up the surrogacy discussion in society. It appealed people’s conscious minds in a way that nothing else could have.

    How It Helped

    Research at RSMC – San Diego shows that the openness of these celebrities has taken surrogacy mainstream, facilitating discussions about the subject. It has helped people realize that it is now a viable option for infertility issues. This openness also brought the whole process out in the open a little more so now people are more comfortable with the idea. Now surrogate mothers can be open about the fact that they are carrying pregnancy for another family. They do not have to worry about how people would respond. They can be sure that most people will understand the situation and talk to the surrogate mothers about pregnancy accordingly.

    What to Ask & Not to Ask the Surrogate Mothers and the Intended Parents

    You can ask things like about the Surrogate pregnancy, how she’s feeling etc. but not possible baby names or who the baby might look like. Intended parents have the same knowledge base working for them. They can display sonogram pictures and talk about the baby they are expecting via a surrogate mother. There is no need to explain the whole process or feel like they are lesser parents because they’ve chosen a surrogate to build their family. That’s the real beauty of all the openness and education about surrogate mothers and pregnancy. Society now accepts taking help from surrogates as just another way to grow a family.


    As experts in the field of surrogacy, RSMC fertility clinic, San Diego & Irvine, California are armed with more than 100 years of combined experience of infertility treatment. Visit us at today or call at 858-436-7186 to learn more.


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