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    Gestational Surrogacy: Is It Safe?

    Gestational Surrogacy is Safe for a Woman Who Wants to Become a Surrogate Mother

    Become a Surrogate MotherWhen a woman is deciding whether to become a surrogate mother or not, one of the questions she often asks the surrogacy agency is: “is it safe?” This is an excellent question, after all, it’s her body and a year of her life she’s dealing with here.

    Since one of the qualifications to become a surrogate mother is to already have children, family obligations must be taken into account when deciding whether becoming a surrogacy mother is a reasonable decision.

    The good news is, surrogacy is very safe overall. It’s basically like any other pregnancy, with the same risks and possibility of problems. A California surrogacy agency representative said that all surrogate mothers are given a fertility physical before they are signed up with the agency.

    This testing is very complete so women who are given the OK to become surrogates have reproductive systems that are in really good shape and should be able to han