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    Known Egg Donor vs Anonymous Egg Donor


    Choosing whether to donate your eggs is a very personal decision. If you are thinking of becoming a donor, you may be wondering if it’s possible to keep it private. Perhaps you are not certain your parents would give their approval. You may feel there is no way your close friends would understand, and you ...Read More

    Known Egg Donor vs Anonymous Egg Donor2020-07-03T04:21:50-07:00

    Before Becoming an Egg Donor – Q&A


    A lot of applicants submit their application with confidence that they’re emotionally ready to become an egg donor. But shortly after applying, they realize they cannot go further in the process due to some information and physical limitations. Take this assessment of the common obstacles to see if you are ready to move ahead. Are ...Read More

    Before Becoming an Egg Donor – Q&A2020-06-27T02:11:17-07:00

    Six Tips for Men Using Egg Donor


    The journey to becoming parents for a gay male couple can be long and emotionally draining, here are six helpful tips for men using an egg donor. In most cases, a surrogate will be used. Along with selecting a surrogate, you will need to select an egg donor as well. Chances are, you might feel ...Read More

    Six Tips for Men Using Egg Donor2020-04-10T21:29:36-07:00

    Types of Women that should Freeze their Eggs


    What types of women should freeze their eggs? Many companies such as Apple and Facebook have offered the chance for women to freeze their eggs by covering the cost. It’s in the news and is making a deep impact. It’s a great company policy and takes into consideration, the future of their employees. This decision ...Read More

    Types of Women that should Freeze their Eggs2020-03-06T12:54:37-08:00

    How to Choose an Egg Donor


    If an egg donor is needed on your path to parenthood, there are many things to consider. Some people choose a friend or a family member to be an egg donor for them, while others choose to work through an agency or fertility clinic, which can pair egg donors with you. We considered being the ...Read More

    How to Choose an Egg Donor2020-07-03T23:59:38-07:00

    Telling Family and Friends You’re Donating Your Eggs


    One of the trickiest things you may face when you decide to donate your eggs is choosing how and what you should be telling your family and friends. The internet may not offer enough guidance on this crucial and delicate subject. This is because most resources focus more on the requirements, medical screening, and the ...Read More

    Telling Family and Friends You’re Donating Your Eggs2020-07-04T00:19:49-07:00

    Egg Freezing: A Fertility Preservation Option for Cancer Patients


    In the reproductive medicine world, fertility preservation for cancer patients is one of the most important subjects people discuss. Young women diagnosed with cancer can suddenly face the possibility of a life-saving treatment that affects their ability to get pregnant. Although cancer treatment and full recovery should be the number one thing on the patient’s ...Read More

    Egg Freezing: A Fertility Preservation Option for Cancer Patients2020-07-04T00:35:31-07:00

    Egg Freezing vs. Embryo Freezing


    Freezing eggs and freezing embryos are two separate processes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In the past, when slow freezing technology was used to freeze eggs and embryos, frozen embryos had the higher survival rate. Now, due to the process of vitrification, the survival rate of an embryo and an egg is almost ...Read More

    Egg Freezing vs. Embryo Freezing2020-04-28T08:36:49-07:00