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    I Finished School With the Surrogacy Money

    The Surrogacy Money Helped Me Finish School and Get a Better Job

    surrogacy moneyMy oldest child was born before I finished college so I dropped out. Before I knew it we had three children and I had a full-time job, I never found the time to go back and complete my degree. The job I had wasn’t in my field but without a degree, I couldn’t get the job I really wanted. I was always looking for another job and a way to finish my degree.

    One night I was on the computer looking at jobs when an ad for surrogacy showed up, it said that Reproductive Sciences Medical Center pays $40,000 for first-time surrogates and it’s done at home. That ad looked like the answer to two of my problems at once.

    I was on the phone to RSMC the next morning and in their office for a medical check by the end of the week. The surrogate coordinators were very nice and explained everything thoroughly to my husband and myself, they answered our questions and made me feel like this is something I could do.

    Knowing how much I wanted to finish my degree, my husband was very supportive. Since I found RSMC online and referred myself, we received the $1,000 referral fee after I signed up. That was certainly a nice bonus and reinforced the feeling that RSMC was going to take good care of our family during the process.

    Within two months of signing up I was matched with Intended Parents and the process began. I was lucky and got pregnant on the first try. As soon as we got the first check I quit my job and signed up for classes. I also pulled the kids out of the after-school program and saved some money there. School and surrogacy were my two jobs and I finished both at about the same time.

    After the baby was born I was able to get a job in my field making half again as much as I had at my old job. When I tell people that surrogacy got me that job they look at me a little funny, OK, really funny, but it’s the truth. I literally would not be where I am without surrogacy. Thanks a lot, RSMC!

    —A.W., Oceanside, CA

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