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Surrogacy, Helping Others While Helping Yourself

By Helping Others I Was Able to Help Myself

helping others - SurrogacyWhen I was growing up one of my aunts couldn’t have children and she was always a little sad when she was around children. I remember her telling my mother how lucky she was to have me. There wasn’t anything I could do for her at the time but her sadness has always stayed with me. I thought that it was too bad nobody could help my aunt and if I could ever help a woman have a child of her own I would.

Forward twenty years and now I’m in a position to help someone like my aunt. After my second child was born my husband decided our family was large enough and it was time to help someone else. A mom friend from the kid’s school was a surrogate for RSMC and raved about how nice and considerate everybody was and how the $40,000 she made helped put her family into a new, safe car.

When she told me that RSMC handled everything, making things as easy as possible for her, and that she was thinking about doing it again in a couple of months that convinced me to sign up with RSMC. The day we went in to visit the surrogacy team I felt very comfortable, I knew immediately that these people would help me while I helped someone else. My friend didn’t push, becoming a surrogate is a very personal decision, but when I signed up my friend got a $1,000 bonus for recruiting me which she kindly shared with me.

I waited until I was matched with Intended Parents and pregnant before telling my aunt about being a surrogate. Needless to say she was thrilled for the Intended Parents and for me, she just wished someone could have helped her like this. The whole surrogacy journey made me feel good but the best part was seeing the looks on the faces of the Intended Parents when their “little man” was born, that was priceless. We were all crying at once, it was just wonderful. When I got home from the hospital my aunt and I had our own little celebration and I decided I will be a surrogate for RSMC again.

Oh yes, the $40,000 that RSMC pays first time surrogates was nice too. We were able to do some work on the house, take a little family vacation and replace our oldest car. I guess you could say that by helping others I was also helping myself.

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