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    Benefits of Surrogacy, Helping Others While Helping Yourself

    Benefits of Surrogacy By Helping Others I Was Able to Help Myself

    helping others - SurrogacyWhen I was growing up one of my aunts couldn’t have children and she was always a little sad when she was around children. I remember her telling my mother how lucky she was to have me.

    There wasn’t anything I could do for her at the time but her sadness has always stayed with me. I thought that it was too bad nobody could help my aunt and if I could ever help a woman have a child of her own I would.

    Forward twenty years and now I’m in a position to help someone like my aunt. After my second child was born my husband decided our family was large enough and it was time to help someone else. A mom friend from the kid’s school was a surrogate for RSMC and raved about how nice and considerate everybody was and how the $40,000 she made helped put her family into a new, safe car.

    When she told me that RSMC handled everything, making things as easy as possible for her, and that she was thinking about doing it again in a couple of months that convinced me to sign up with RSMC. The day we went in to visit the surrogacy team I felt very comfortable, I knew immedi