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    7 Misconceptions about Gestational Surrogacy


    Misconceptions about Gestational Surrogacy What is Gestational Surrogacy? Gestational surrogacy, or surrogacy, is the term that describes an infertility treatment process. Here another woman undergoes the embryo transfer process and then becomes carrier of the pregnancy to term. For this reason surrogates are often also termed 'surrogacy carrier'. The intended parents are intimately involved with the ...Read More

    7 Misconceptions about Gestational Surrogacy2020-02-14T11:37:35+00:00

    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy


    The New Openness About Surrogate Pregnancy has Expanded Society’s Definition of Parenthood What is parenthood, exactly? Is it giving birth and raising a child you’re genetically related to? Many people would say “yes, of course,” but what about the people raising adopted children? Or children of relatives? Or siblings? They are parenting, just like the ...Read More

    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy2020-03-02T08:07:20+00:00

    Gestational Surrogacy: Is It Safe?


    Gestational Surrogacy is Safe for a Woman Who Wants to Become a Surrogate Mother When a woman is deciding whether to become a surrogate mother or not, one of the questions she often asks the surrogacy agency is: “is it safe?” This is an excellent question, after all, it’s her body and a year ...Read More

    Gestational Surrogacy: Is It Safe?2019-11-26T07:31:20+00:00