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Being a Surrogate Allows Me to Stay Home, Explore Becoming A Surrogate on March 9!

/Being a Surrogate Allows Me to Stay Home, Explore Becoming A Surrogate on March 9!

The Money is Fantastic But the Time Was so Important!

Being a surrogate was the best thing I could have done for my family. I hated working long hours at a low paying job and having to pay child care for all the hours away from my kids. Being a surrogate allowed me to stay home with my kids and really get to enjoy being with them and involved with their activities. I even volunteered in their classrooms, the perfect “mom” moment. I made over $40,000 and it went a long way because I had no child care expenses, our family was able to go out and do some fun thing we normally didn’t have the time or money for. The kids don’t want it to end, they now want me to help another family become parents.

While I know I can’t be a surrogate indefinitely the kids really do have a point about me helping other families. Along with being a surrogate myself now I’m also recruiting other women, moms like myself, to become surrogates. I’m helping them to make the income they need, helping the families who cannot carry their own children and helping myself since I make $1,000 for every referral I make that passes the medical screening. I can really see myself being a surrogate recruiter forever, I know personally how wonderful it is so it isn’t hard to talk about at all.
Cassandra, San Diego, CA

Open House! Wednesday, March 9th 11am – 12pm

Becoming a surrogateJoin us to help dreams come true!  The need for surrogates and egg donors are staggering…You have the power to make someone’s dream of having a family come true by becoming a surrogate or egg donor.

Save the date! Come listen to experienced surrogates share their story.  You will have the opportunity to get answers to your questions and talk with women who can help you realize the power you have.  Our president, Dr. David Harari (30 year OB/GYN), will also be available to answer questions and offer advice. 

Lunch will be served – And bring a friend.  Referral fees offered!

Families welcome!

Please RSVP via Facebook / Phone / Text / email:

858-519-2762 / 858-519-2718 /

General Financial Package Starting at $40,000+

Surrogate Criteria

  • 19 to 36 years old
  • No prior complications during pregnancy or delivery
  • Healthy body weight
  • No criminal history
  • Reliable transportation
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