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    Why Surrogate’s Partners Need Support


    Surrogacy is an inherently complicated process that has been made exponentially easier by reputable surrogacy agencies.  Even then, personal backup is essential. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, we talk a lot about supporting surrogates during their surrogacy journey. Surrogates, Surrogacy agencies, doctors, and IVF clinics often get praised for their efforts, but the surrogate’s partner ...Read More

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    Becoming a Surrogate with RSMC


    How to Become a Surrogate With RSMC Giving the gift of life and bringing about the joys of parenthood to others are some of the many reasons why women choose to become a surrogate mother. Surrogates have the chance to do something that not many others can. For those women who cannot have a child ...Read More

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    Should surrogates get paid for being a gestational carrier for others?


    Why We should Compensate Surrogate Mothers Many individuals and couples have used a surrogate to build their family. Some say they do it to help others and not for the money. Others say that they do it because they know close ones who are in similar situations as the intended parents. This raises the question: ...Read More

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    Military Wives Surrogacy Helped Our Family Buy a Home


    It Was Hard for Us to Buy a Home My husband is in the military so it was hard for us to buy a home, especially with two children because I wanted to stay home with them. His salary covered our regular expenses but we just weren’t saving. A few months before he was set ...Read More

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    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy


    The New Openness About Surrogacy Has Expanded Society’s Definition of Parenthood What is parenthood, exactly? Is it giving birth and raising a child you’re genetically related to? Many people would say “yes, of course,” but what about the people raising adopted children? Or children of relatives? Or siblings? They are parenting, just like the ...Read More

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    Surrogate Requirements Facts Already Be Parents?


    For years now, surrogacy has played a key role in helping intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood though in vitro fertilization (IVF). Many choose surrogacy over other conventional IVF treatments because third party reproduction helps a variety of patients, especially women born without a uterus, same sex couples and those with a medical ...Read More

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    5 truths (and myths) about surrogacy


    Surrogacy, especially gestational surrogacy, is extremely misunderstood despite how many people its helped. You may have heard wild claims about surrogates and surrogacy and we hope to address these myths. Myth: The child is related to the surrogate Truth: A common question is, “Does a surrogate mother transfer DNA to the baby?” Gestational surrogacy ...Read More

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    15 Reasons Why I Decided to Become a Surrogate


    1. I enjoy giving life, it’s a gift that I relish sharing. Giving birth to my two children were two of the most incredible experiences of my life. It’s still hard to believe I was able to create such perfect little life forms. I’m not done giving life, even if it isn’t practical for ...Read More

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    I was Honored to be Part of My Wife’s Surrogacy Journey


    Surrogacy is an Incredible Gift I was Honored to be Part of My Wife’s Surrogacy Journey My partner started a journey to help two families out approximately two years ago. It’s a new, uncharted territory for myself with new experiences. Unlike a regular pregnancy, we are paired with a couple. We undergo various tests, ...Read More

    I was Honored to be Part of My Wife’s Surrogacy Journey2019-11-26T07:13:04+00:00