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    Egg Donors Needed Now!

    Egg Donors Needed

    egg donors neededWhat could you do with an extra $7,000 or more? A better car? College without loans? Graduate school? See the world?

    Egg Donation is one of the most selfless and empowering decisions a woman can make for herself. What could be better than helping another woman become a mother? It is a great way for healthy young women to make some extra money without disrupting their busy lives.

    Egg Donors Needed of all ethnicities with egg donors of Chinese and Japanese heritage especially being in demand. If you are a college student or college graduate of Chinese or Japanese heritage and fit the donor criteria, you could make up to $13,000 for donating your eggs.

    RSMC is a complete fertility center.

    Our in-house egg donation program streamlines the process making it easy for donors and recipients alike. The process is completely anonymous so your privacy is assured, we can also guarantee to match you with a recipient family within 1-2 weeks or bank your eggs. Everything can happen very quickly.

    There is also no insurance hassle for you, we pay for everything directly and don’t use your personal insurance. Our staff doctors ensure your health th