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    LGBTQ: Don’t Let Your Sexual Preference Hinder Your Chance to Achieve Pregnancy

    A Fertility Center Can Help LGBTQ Women Realize the Dream of Pregnancy

    Sexual preference doesn’t affect fertility so why should it affect your chances of becoming pregnant? With a little help from your gay-friendly fertility center, lesbians can become biological parents. While some LGBTQ individuals choose to become parents through adoption, more people than ever are becoming biological parents using fertility services. With many gay-friendly fertility centers available, the dream of biological parenthood is within the reach of most gay women today.

    Many women, including gay women, grow up dreaming of being pregnant with their own children someday. It’s a combination of societal norms, societal conditioning and hormones, after all, who can resist an adorable little baby? There’s got to be a reason, besides wanting to invade another person’s personal space, that people are drawn to pregnant abdomens and want to rub them.

    Generally, straight women find a male partner they want to parent with, or just want to father their child, and get pregnant the traditional “fun” way. Gay women, however, need to do a bit more planning to achieve the dreamed of pregnancy. They generally find it totally worthwhile, however. Christy K describes her family’s journey to parenthood with the help of Reproductive Sciences Medical Center in San Diego: