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    How to Decide the Right Profile of the Egg Donor

    How to Find an Egg Donor with the Right Profile for You

    When first starting infertility treatment most people assume they will be using their own eggs. After all,

    Find an Egg Donor

    Egg donor

    you’re going through infertility treatment because you want a child who is biologically related to you. It comes as quite a shock to intended parents how fast the quality of human eggs declines after age 30. And yes, the majority of women going through infertility treatment are over 30.

    So, after you’ve tried a few rounds of IVF and have gone through all the testing with no results you hear those ominous words “you will need donor eggs.” So now that’s real, and you have to find an egg donor so you can continue on your journey to parenthood. Some people have a friend or relative who will become an egg donor for them but the majority look to their medical center or agency for help to find an egg donor.

    So, how do you find an egg donor that makes you comfortable with their DNA being part of your precious child? After all, this is your child we’re discussing here, t