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    RSMC Was the 4th Fertility Clinic She Tried and the One That Got Her Pregnant

    RSMC’s Mini IVF Worked for Her

    mini IVFMy initial IVF journey started at 38. I had multiple IVF failures (5) at three different fertility clinics in California. I was given high doses of drugs during these cycles, which I responded to well, meaning I produced many follicles; however, shortly after fertilization most of the embryos would arrest and the ones transferred back in me would have a negative result.

    At 40, discouraged and feeling hopeless, I came across RSMC and was intrigued by their affordable Mini IVF protocol. After I met with the doctor, I immediately felt comfortable and hopeful again. He reviewed my medical records from my previous IVF attempts and designed a different protocol for me.

    Unlike other clinics, where they have a customized regimen for each patien