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    What Is the Process of Having a Healthy Baby Through Egg Donation

    Having a Healthy Baby Through Egg Donation

    Having a Healthy BabyPregnancies using donor eggs are like other pregnancies, except the egg being used comes from another woman. If you are unable to produce a viable egg, but can carry a pregnancy to term, this is an incredible option. You’ve probably been dreaming about having a baby for a long time, dreaming about all the things that could be. You know in your heart that no one will take better care of your baby, from the moment of conception, than you will.

    If you are looking for information to get started on the journey, you have come to the right place.  Start taking notes, because between now and the time you start the actual process, you are going to learn a lot about having a healthy baby through egg donation!

    What is egg donation?

    Egg donation is when one woman produces 10-18 eggs at once so they can be removed from her body. These eggs are then used by another woman, who can’t produce viable eggs, to create an embryo she (or her surrogate) can carry to term.

    To become an egg donor, the women need to:

    • Be between 19-29 years of age.
    • Have regular monthly periods.
    • Have no reproductive disorders or abnormalities.
    • Be physically and emotionally healthy and willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation.
    • Have a BMI under 28.<