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An Incredible Option for Gay Couples: Surrogacy

An Option for Gay Couples: Surrogacy Helps Build Families

Option for Gay Couples: Surrogacy

Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka with their children, who were carried by a surrogate.

Sadly, not all couples are able to conceive on their own. Surrogacy is not only recommended to couples suffering from infertility issues, but it is an option for gay couples as well. Gay couples are able to conceive a baby safely through surrogate agencies. Having a surrogate allows you to meet the woman that will be carrying your child and you will essentially be there every step of the way, just as if you yourself were carrying the child. This option differs from adoption greatly due to the fact that you are more involved, whereas in adoptions, you’re not always involved.

RSMC Offers You a Dedicated Surrogacy Team

People often have questions about finding a surrogate mom. The surrogacy process can be overwhelming and emotional. You have questions and concerns. At RSMC we are ready with answers and over 25 years of expertise to support you through every step of the process with confidence. What makes RSMC different is that we are the only fertility medical center to offer all surrogacy solutions and services under one roof, including OB/GYN and legal services.

Why Surrogacy Through RSMC?

  • Comprehensive Matching Process – our matching process relies on detailed criteria to assure the greatest compatibility. You will receive an in-depth profile of the surrogate, including photographs, medical history, educational and other relevant information. We’re proud of our 100% match rate. Have you been wondering how to find a surrogate mother? We are the answer.
  • Stringent Surrogate Screening and Selection –  prior to being accepted into our program, prospective surrogates undergo a thorough criminal background check, intensive psychological assessment and complete medical evaluation. Our surrogate selection rate is currently only 4%.
  • OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy – an experienced physician will closely monitor the surrogate and create a delivery and birth plan. Detailed reports on both the baby and surrogate will be sent directly to the parents, who can also communicate directly with the physician.
  • 24-Hour Personal Support – both you and the surrogate will be provided a Case Manager available 24 hours throughout the process to provide constant communication and support. Our psychologist monitors surrogates to ensure continued emotional stability and a clean lifestyle. Post-delivery support includes legal documents, pediatrician referral, continued Case Manager and psychologist services.
  • Clear Legal Guidelines – all parties are represented by separate counsel whereby eliminating conflicts of interest.  Clear terms and guidelines are established for the entire process. Establishment of Parental Rights puts your name on the birth certificate.
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