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    Family Building Options for Gay Men

    Exploring Family Building Options for Gay Men

    Gay Family Building? – Thanks to modern reproductive technology, gay men can now have their biological children. While choosing to build a family is no doubt, a life-changing decision. This process can be smooth and full of joy with the right planning and preparation.

    As you may already know, the parties involved in the family-building process through in vitro fertilization are the hopeful couples, a gestational carrier, and an egg donor. Continue reading to know more about them and the relevant legal information regarding the process of building a family.

    Gestational Carriers

    One of the family-building options for same-sex surrogacy is using a gestational carrier. Note that a surrogate mother and a gestational carrier are two different things, although people often mix them up. Apart from carrying the baby to term, a surrogate mother also donates the eggs used in the process. So, there are genetic ties between the baby and the surrogate mother.

    On the other hand, a gestational carrier (GC) is only for the baby, not the donor of the fertilized eggs. They carry eggs donated by someone else. At our fertility clinic in San Diego, we evaluate psychological and medical conditions before approving a gestational carrier.

    Gay couples or LGBTQ families can have biological children by using sperm from a partner and eggs from a donor-related to the other partner. Another good option is to use an unknown egg donor sharing no genetic ties with either of the couple. While some couples go for a carrier that they know but others use a gestational carrier. A gestational carrier recommended by the fertility clinic or a third-party agency. The IVF cycle and subsequent implantation process will begin after all the necessary legal paperwork is done.

    Egg Donors

    At our Fertility Clinic in San Diego, we follow a comprehensive and selective process when approving donors. We carefully screen all potential egg donors not only for disease but also for infertility. Our donors usually are women in their twenties with incredibly fertile eggs. We collect an average of 12 to 18 eggs from each of these donors. Our donors cut across a wide range of ethnic, educational, and social backgrounds.

    The number one step is to select an egg donor. The chosen donor then starts a regimen of ovarian stimulation medications for ten days. After which her eggs would be collected and fertilized with sperm from one of the couples. Before collecting samples and sending them for pre-implantation genetic screening the fertilized eggs undergo incubation for five days. In the final step, the selected embryo is transferred into the womb of the gestational carrier.

    The decision regarding the number of embryos to transfer into the carrier’s womb lies between the fertility doctor and the LGBTQ couple. During discussions, fertility doctors will do their best to guide you enough so that you can make a smart decision that’s right for you and your family planning.

    We have very high rates of successful implantation since we go for donors with high-quality eggs. We surrogates with top fertility levels. Your child’s future is safe with us.

    Legal Information

    The family-building process usually requires the services of a seasoned lawyer to protect the interests of each of the parties involved. The attorney you chose will go through the insurance documents of the gestational carrier, draft the surrogate contract, and take care of escrow details. Attorneys also have to get a court order that puts the names of the intended parents (IPs) on the birth certificate of a baby born through in-vitro fertilization and a gestational carrier.

    An agreement between the intended parents and the gestational carrier begins the legal process of In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo transfer. A contract is signed after the hopeful couple has selected their carrier and egg donor. The money to be paid to the carrier is then placed in escrow, and the real medical process commences. The chosen attorney also verifies insurance coverage for the child’s hospital stay.

    At the initial stage of the family-building process, the couple needs to consult with an experienced reproductive lawyer who can shed more light on the legalities and ensure that their interests are protected from the beginning to the end.

    Family Planning Tips for Gay Men

    The process of starting or growing a family ought to be a time when you are happy and full of joy. To make things easier, seek support from family members and friends when you are down or feeling stressed or try to share what you think with a family therapist. Intended couples can grow in confidence and learn useful skills by attending parenting classes. One important thing for couples to do is to regularly communicate with each other, the carrier, and their fertility experts.

    Family-building tips for gay couples

    To shed some more light on the matter of same-sex surrogacy, here is a set of family-building tips for gay couples and LGBTQ families:

    • Before selecting a gestational carrier, discuss things through with her. While maintaining a boundary of respect, feel free to raise any queries you may have, and settle for a responsible carrier you feel comfortable with.
    • Make sure you are entering into the world of family-building with consent and support from your partner. As it is a big step, be sure to research the procedure thoroughly and understand the responsibility and possible complications involved.
    • Before signing any documents, it is essential to read through them and understand what you are signing up for. If you have questions, ask for answers.
    • Sort out your finances beforehand. Sometimes, complications or additional requirements raise the cost of family-building, so be sure to plan for that in advance.

    Schedule Your Consultation

    With advancements in technology, starting a family is now a possibility for everyone! Contact us today through our website to schedule a private consultation if you are ready to build your family as a gay couple or lesbian family.
    We welcome all LGBTQ+ families to our clinic.
    We guarantee a great experience for you and your family. We will do our best to keep you comfortable and put the responsibility of your child in the right hands.

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