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    They Traveled From Germany to California to Build Their Family

    We Traveled from China to Use RSMC’s Services

    Hans and Filip Traveled to California from Germany to Fulfill Their Dreams of Having a Family

    Hans and Filip, a gay couple from Germany, always dreamed of having children but weren’t sure where they would begin. After researching agencies in California, they found us!

    After the initial inquiry and consultation, it was decided that Hans and Filip would both attempt to father their future child/children and use an anonymous donor and surrogate mother to assist them.

    After a successful retrieval, it was determined that they had 8 beautiful female embryos! The transfer to their surrogate was a success and her first Hcg test confirmed she was pregnant! After 3 weeks and a confirmation of pregnancy, they began to plan for their family of 3, only to find out a week later that there was not a heartbeat after all. They were both devastated. They went through happiness to sadness in a week’s time.

    Once the surrogate recovered and Hans and Filip were ready to begin again, they transferred two female embryos and, once again, the surrogate was pregnant! Though the journey did not start out that great, the outcome was a beautiful, healthy baby girl!


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