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A Surrogate Mother Helped Irene & Nikolov Become Parents of Twins

With the Help of a Surrogate Mother Irene & Nikolov Became Parents of Twins

Became Parents of TwinsIrene and Nikolov wanted nothing more than to have children since they married. Irene got pregnant shortly after their first anniversary, but three months into the pregnancy, she found out there was no heartbeat.

They were devastated. Irene got pregnant two more times after and couldn’t keep the pregnancy long enough to birth either time.

After a consultation, Irene learned that her condition would not allow her to carry their child. They were heartbroken. They began to research surrogacy and came to our center. Irene and Nikolov reviewed many profiles before finding the one that was right for them. Irene went through her first egg retrieval and ended up with many beautiful eggs!

She was so excited to finally be on her way to becoming a mother. She attended the embryo transfer with her surrogate and was amazed to watch two embryos (one boy and one girl) be transferred. There hope was twins so they were so excited to find out that they were pregnant and having the twins they always wanted!

The pregnancy went well into the last trimester, but just shy of 36 weeks, their surrogate had her water break! Irene was on the first plane she could catch and went straight to the hospital.

Not sure what to expect when she arrived, she found her surrogate still in labor. She was so relieved to have made it in time for her babies to be born! Both babies were born healthy and were released. Their family went from two to four!

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