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    15 Reasons Why I Decided to Become a Surrogate

     Become a Surrogate1. I enjoy giving life, it’s a gift that I relish sharing.

    Giving birth to my two children were two of the most incredible experiences of my life. It’s still hard to believe I was able to create such perfect little life forms. I’m not done giving life, even if it isn’t practical for my family to have more children. By being a surrogate, I can continue to give life and help another family experience the joy of having a family.

    2. I love being pregnant, but we don’t want more children.

    Pregnancy was easy for me, I wasn’t terribly sick the first three months and not much at all after that. My skin glowed and it felt great. Plus, feeling the baby kick is an amazing feeling.

    3. I love being a mother and feel so terrible for women who can’t have their own children.

    I know a lot of people say their kids are their lives, for me it’s true. Since I don’t know what I would do without my children, I feel horrible for women who can’t have children of their own. By becoming a surrogate mother, I can help these women achieve the joy I experience mothering my children.

    4. I can make money and stay home with the kids.

    When people discuss “why become a surrogate,” one of the