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    Two Embryos Transferred: My Journey to Using a Surrogate, Part 4 of 7

    We Transferred Two Embryos

    transferred two embryosThe following month we transferred two Embryos, partially hatching, perfect embryos into my uterus on my mother’s birthday. The blood test, confirming the pregnancy, would be on St. Patrick’s Day. Could anything possibly go wrong with all that luck? Tests later confirmed that I was pregnant but my hCG levels were low—another bad sign.

    Another miscarriage, or chemical pregnancy, was confirmed a couple of days later and I spiraled into a full-blown depression. I got physically sick with a 103 fever and stayed in bed for a straight 48 hours staring at the wall.

    Daylight came and went and I didn’t turn on a light or the TV. Time just passed through my numbness. My mom called to see how I was feeling, and I couldn’t stop crying on the phone. She told me she was coming right over. When she got to my house she crawled into bed with me, held me like