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    The Frozen Embryos They Created Before Her Cancer Treatment Built Their Family

    Dr. Wood Discusses Lisa and Pete and How Their Frozen Embryos Built Their Family

    frozen embryosLisa and Pete were a couple that I had high hopes for from the beginning. They were a couple from Australia who had been married for about 10 years. They were very open from the start of the process why they were using a surrogate. Lisa had cancer, twice.

    She got sick for the first time six months after they were married. As soon as they found out it was cancer, they immediately made the decision to create and freeze embryos in case the radiation or chemotherapy damaged her eggs. They were young and both knew that they wanted children. So she went through two round of cancer and not only did she survived, she thrived.

    But, once she was finally healthy and decided it was time to start their family, they realized their fears of the cancer and treatments damaging her eggs, were now a reality. However, she had frozen embryos! Which told her next direction. She had transferred her own embryo into herself four times. She became pregnant all four times, and all four times had a miscarriage. Now it was a new reality they had to face, she would not be able to carry their baby.

    They did their research and ended up working with me. I was very grateful for this, as I know that I was not the only one they were considering and I know they were putting a huge amount of trust with me. Thanks to a surrogate carrying their embryos they now have the family they always wanted.

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