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    Our Reproductive Immunologist Was Still Optimistic: My Journey to Using a Surrogate, Part 2 of 7

    Our Reproductive Immunologist Was Still Optimistic

    Reproductive ImmunologistBy: Carolyn Dooley Apr 29, 2015

    Although our reproductive immunology center felt we were one of the worst cases he had seen, he was still optimistic that he could find the right combination of treatments to allow my body to accept another pregnancy. However, the treatments he was recommending were experimental. One was not typically used for this purpose during pregnancy.

    The other was banned in the United States and would require a trip to Mexico or Greece. I decided if I was going to entertain these treatment options, I had to be sure it was necessary. I had to be certain that I was among the 1-2 % of the population who was suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss, even though I knew in my heart I was. In reality, I really felt like I had to prove it to everyone else who would otherwise think I was crazy to consider such drastic measures.

    I also needed a break. I figured all those shots di