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How to Choose an IVF Program That Suits You Best

If you are reading this, you have decided to give in vitro fertilization (IVF) a chance. Before fully embracing IVF, it is important to equip yourself with enough information beforehand to ensure that you are fully aware of what to expect. At RSMC, we understand that choosing an IVF program and deciding when to start the process is a very important decision. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to make the process easier for you.

Selecting the Ideal IVF Program

We have made tremendous strides since the introduction of IVF, as a matter of fact, our systems at RSMC have been completely overhauled to pave the way for more viable treatment options.  However, technology is not the only factor in selecting an IVF program.

The difference between a poor and good IVF program may have nothing to do with technical know-how. If the program is poorly administered, the results are inconsistent. An IVF Program with no set protocols, might have some good outcomes with simple cases, but worse results in more difficult cases.

So, before reaching out to an IVF clinic, you should evaluate every aspect: accessibility, competency, expertise and the success of the entire team. It is important for you to feel comfortable, safe, and confident about your choice of an IVF program. But how do you know which program is the perfect choice for you? Below are some of the key indicators of an ideal IVF program.

IVF Success Rates

The big question for almost every patient looking for IVF services is whether the program subscribed to will be successful. But how can you measure the success rates of each program?

Terms to know:

Live Birth Rate: Live birth rate refers to the number of successful births, including multiple births, classified as a single live birth.

Clinical Pregnancy: A clinical pregnancy refers to one that has been confirmed, unlike a chemical pregnancy which is often a mere assumption. The pregnancy is confirmed after a series of tests are carried out on the Uterus and Fallopian Tubes by use of ultrasound.

  • Live Birth Rate per Embryo Transfer Procedure
    This refers to the number of births after a successful embryo transfer, regardless of the number of embryos transferred per attempt. However, this approach has its shortcomings. For example, the birth rate is often inaccurate since the eggs that fail to fully fertilize in the IVF laboratory are not put into account. Furthermore, this data is also inclusive of frozen embryo transfers. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, requisite measures have been put in place to ensure that the embryo freezing process is free from external and internal damage. By so doing, their viability is guaranteed.
  • Live Birth Rate per Egg Retrieval
    This is another reliable way of reporting the success of IVF. When a woman decides to undergo egg retrieval, she is committed to IVF and should be included in the statistics. However, measuring the live birth rate using the egg retrieval approach does not ensure 100% accuracy. In some cases, the success rate may be altered as a result of a double embryo transfer (both fresh and frozen embryos) from a single egg retrieval.
  • Live Birth Rate per Embryo Transferred
    In contrast to the other methods of measuring success rates in IVF programs, live birth rate per embryo transferred is the most reliable. This statistic is more accurate, since many IVF programs have set limitations on the number of embryos transferred per session. This reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies. Reproductive Sciences Medical Center has a transformative agenda in place to oversee the successful transfer of embryos into your uterus, or that of a surrogate mother.

Support and Care

Each IVF cycle requires personalized support and care for the patient before, during, and after each procedure is carried out. Therefore, you will need a program whose attention to patients has been tested and verified. For example, some programs allow you to share your experience throughout the IVF process. At RMSC, we are known for having a well-established team of experts who walk you through step by step, giving you the much-needed peace of mind throughout the process

Treatment Transparency

Trust is a key component in any medical procedure. Make sure the clinic you are working with clearly explains each step in the IVF process, the financial commitment, and their success rate.  For over two decades RSMC has created a mutual sense of trust with our patients.

Location of the IVF Clinic

The location of the facility is almost important as the program itself. The closer the clinic is to you, the less stressful the IVF process will be. However, if the clinic does not have a facility near you, they must have other ways of keeping in touch with you. For example, those who are unable to access our IVF clinic in San Diego, California, RSMC communicates with you through media platforms such as Skype for consultations.


Before selecting a clinic, use the above as a guide and do your own research to select the best program for you. This will save you both time and money. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, we are here to give you all the necessary support to ensure your program’s success. For this and much more, do not hesitate to call us today on 858-436-7186.




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