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    5 truths (and myths) about surrogacy

    Surrogacy, especially gestational surrogacy, is extremely misunderstood despite how many people its helped. You may have heard wild claims about surrogates and surrogacy and we hope to address these myths.

    Myth: The child is related to the surrogate

    Truth: A common question is, “Does a surrogate mother transfer DNA to the baby?” Gestational surrogacy means that the surrogate is pregnant using an embryo created via in vitro fertilization (IVF). The embryo is created through either the intended parents or donors’ egg and sperm. Therefore, there is no genetic relation between the resulting child and the surrogate. Traditional surrogacy on the other hand uses the eggs of the surrogate mother, however, traditional surrogacy is highly uncommon and is not available at Physicians Surrogacy.

    Myth: Surrogates must deliver at the local facility in San Diego

    Truth: You will deliver at a local hospital near you. Most of the traveling will only be required during the initial stages of the fertility treatment and pregnancy. Once you are near the end of your first trimester, the doctor will release you to your local OB doctor. If you are not a local, we will reimburse you for your traveling expenses.

    Myth: It’s hard to “give the baby up”

    Truth: The baby is not genetically related to the surrogate mother. It is abundantly clear throughout the process that the child is not the surrogate’s so she is not “giving up” anything. Therefore, it’s never a question of can a surrogate mother keep the baby? Surrogates partake in this journey to help others and usually do not have a problem with this.

    Myth: Surrogates only do it for the money

    Truth: Many of our surrogates have had someone close to them struggle with infertility and simply want to help another couple achieve their dreams of becoming a parent. Surrogates are however compensated generously for all the hard work and dedication, but to say that money is the only reason is simply untrue.

    Myth: Surrogacy is exploiting women

    Truth: There are misconceptions that surrogacy is the equivalent of selling a woman’s body, but it is an extremely selfless sacrifice that shares the joy of parenthood with a hopeful couple or individual.

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