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Pregnant on First Try Thanks to Dr. Wood and RSMC

Pregnant on First TryLet me start off by saying this was the best decision we have ever made.  I was referred by a friend and, after speaking to her, I was convinced Dr. Wood could help us. I made an apt and they got me in the next week.

Keep in mind it is a process and you have to be patient but I promise it will pay off. I’m the most impatient person so it was difficult for me with all the ups and downs but I’m so glad I fought through because now we are pregnant on first try.  I definitely recommend doing pgs (the genetic testing) it is well worth it!  It allowed us to put in the only embryo that was normal it was heart breaking to find out we only had but one but Dr. Wood is that amazing that with the slim odds we had we are pregnant with our baby boy :))

I feel like I want everyone to know this is the best place if a doctor tells you that you’re a hopeless case don’t give up before talking to Dr. Wood first I promise you will not be disappointed! And the staff is amazing as well especially MJ thank you so much for all the support you have given us, you guys truly are the best and we will be back for a girl unless it happens naturally I’ve heard that it could after IVF!! My last piece of advice is don’t wait too long we have been trying for 3 years and I wish we did it when I was 28 as my eggs were better quality then but better late than never.

—Jennifer D., San Diego 

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