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    LGBTQ+ friendly fertility clinic.


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    I’m Pregnant with Twins After My First Round of IVF Took

    Pregnant with IVF Twins After First IVF Procedure

    pregnant with IVF twins“I found out in October that not only did my first round of IVF take, but I was blessed with two babies! I am now 16 weeks pregnant with IVF twins who are very strong indeed! Thanks to the entire staff at RSMC! I was so very nervous at first but by my second visit, I was completely at ease.

    The entire staff from receptionist, to the nurses, to the girls that drew blood for lab… You are all the sweetest most caring bunch of angels. The whole process is stressful and the staff helped ease my mind by answering all my questions, even the ones I asked several times, with care, compassion and concern. I could not have chosen a better office and because of everyone at RSMC my journey was successful and very memorable.”

    – G. Stevens, New Mexico

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