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    Why Egg Donation is the Right Option for You

    Egg Donation is an Incredible Gift for Women Without Viable Eggs

    egg donationMost people know what egg donation is, but very few realize they know someone who has used an egg donor to build a family. A lot of people view it as a cross between fertility assistance, since IVF is used for gestational surrogacy, and adoption, since you’re using an egg from another woman. Even though egg donation is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the fertility sciences, it’s taboo for many people. While people openly talk about IUI, IVF, and even surrogacy, they seldom discuss their use of an egg donation. Yet for so many people like gay couples, women who can’t conceive, and single men, donor eggs can be a gateway to parenthood.

    Since it became a viable option in the 1980’s, egg donation has become a real game changer for infertility assistance. A woman is most fertile, with the best quality eggs before the age of 29. This is why most reputable egg donation agencies limit the age of egg donors to women between 21 and 29. After age 30, and especially after 35, egg quality deteriorates rapidly, even in women who are