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    I Used Donor Eggs, Part 5: Did the Pregnancy Take?

    This story originally appeared on the FitPregnancy.com website.

    The moment of truth, did the pregnancy take?

    did the pregnancy takeBut the day before my blood test, I impulsively dug up an old pregnancy test in my bathroom and went for it. Instantly, the stick turned blue, and for the first time, I let myself feel optimistic. The next day I received the official results: not only was I pregnant, but my hormone levels were sky high, suggesting twins.

    My boys arrived loud and healthy, and they’re now 12 months old. Ian is the fearless one, diving off steps, pinning his brother in a headlock and mowing down whatever or whoever happens to be in his way as he crawls across the room. Toby is the softie, always showering his family with Oprah-style hugs and slobbery kisses. I adore them more than I could possibly describe.

    I’m immensely grateful to our donor, and I hope that she did not endure too much discomfort and was able to use her donor fee for that bike trip to Spain. Still, I rarely think about her, and I imagine the situation is mutual.

    In a few years, Paul and I will start telling our boys about the circumstances of their conception, a conversation likely to evolve in interesting ways and span well over a decade. We’ll tell it to them straight and hope that they grow up feeling as we do: that our family was lucky enough to benefit from some remarkable technology and the kindness of a bike-racing schoolteacher named Jill.

    When a friend said to me recently, “I’m sure your boys will be tall, like you are!&