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    I Used Donor Eggs, Part 2: Nothing’s so Bad It Couldn’t Get Worse

    This story originally appeared on the FitPregnancy.com website.

    Nothing’s so bad that it couldn’t be worse

    pgs-and-pgd-accruate-testing-in-san-diegoI was deeply disappointed, to be sure, but I wasn’t devastated or even shocked. After four years and 50 dead-end blind dates on Match.com, where Paul and I ultimately met, I’d developed an all-purpose coping strategy: expect disaster. If you prepared for the worst and got something better, I figured, you could only be pleasantly surprised.

    I immediately thought of my Grandpa Julius’ favorite saying: Nothing’s so bad that it couldn’t be worse. It was true. I hadn’t been attacked by flesh-eating bacteria or kidnapped by terrorists or diagnosed with cancer. Surely there were circumstances more dire than harboring expired eggs.

    These days, in vitro fertilization is so common that the stigma has virtually vanished; of my six friends who underwent IVF, only one kept it quiet. But donor-egg IVF is a different story. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a subs