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    Staying Home Allowed Me to Train for a Job

    Train for a Job - fertile.comI’ve worked at low-paying jobs ever since I got out of high school. Before I had kids the money almost covered my bills but not with kids in the picture it doesn’t come close. Even if I didn’t have to pay child care there was never enough to cover everything. The kids and I wore old clothes and had no extras.

    One Saturday we were at my parent’s house and, while the kids were cooking with my mom, I was looking at jobs online. Most of what I was qualified for didn’t pay any more than I was already making so when I saw the ad for $40,000 to become a surrogate it really caught my attention. That’s way more than I make in a year and I could stay home with the kids and save the child care money too.

    I filled out the form on RSMC’s website and then went and told my parents about it. Mom went with me when I went to Reproductive Sciences Medical Center to find out more and we were both very impressed with the facility and how nice everybody was. Within a week I was back for a medical check and, when I passed, received $1,000 just for signing up!

    I was matched with a family needing a surrogate within a month, I was pregnant with their child within two months. At first I worked my regular job while being a surrogate but within a couple of months I had made enough money from surrogacy that I felt secure enough to quit the low-paying job.

    The kids were thrilled, I was home all the time and we were actually going out and doing a few things. One of the first things I did was buy a computer so I could take courses online that would help me be more employable. Talk about a total win-win.

    If it hadn’t been for surrogacy and RSMC my children and I would still be stuck in the horrible rut that comes with not making enough money. Now that I have some computer skills I have a better job than before and we are living a decent life.

    When women around the neighborhood ask me how I did it I tell them about surrogacy and, if they’re interested, bring them into RSMC. The $1,000 I make for recruiting them is always a nice bonus but it really feels good to help someone make a better life for their family.

    —S.W., Lawndale, CA

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