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    Surrogacy Kept Us in Our House


    Normally I only work part-time watching my neighbor’s kids after school, my husband’s salary covers the rest of our bills. Since I love staying home and taking care of our family this worked out great until my husband lost his job. All of a sudden part-time babysitting wasn’t going to cut it. We limped along ...Read More

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    Surrogate Requirements Facts Already Be Parents?


    For years now, surrogacy has played a key role in helping intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood though in vitro fertilization (IVF). Many choose surrogacy over other conventional IVF treatments because third party reproduction helps a variety of patients, especially women born without a uterus, same sex couples and those with a medical ...Read More

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    The Best Job Ever!


    Surrogacy is the Best Job Ever! I was looking for a job I could do from home when a friend mentioned she was becoming a surrogate. The money sounded great and she was able to stay home and be actively involved in her children’s activities. She also wasn’t paying a baby sitter which alone ...Read More

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