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    Should you choose Fresh or Frozen Eggs for your IVF treatment?

    Fresh eggs were the preferred source to use in assisted reproductive until recently. And still, it is the most prevalent method around the world. Recent advances in the egg freezing and vitrification process have led to frozen egg donation to become a more viable option available with RSMC San Diego & Irvine. This has also led to the creation of Egg Donor Banks which offer a nationwide database of frozen donor eggs. The results of using frozen eggs are more consistent and predictable than they have been in the past with reports of successful pregnancies and live births.

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    Advantages of Using Egg Freezing Process

    There are several advantages of choosing frozen eggs over fresh. Some of them include:

    • Synchronization of cycles between the egg donor and the embryo recipient is unnecessary when using egg freezing process.
    • Any complication that may have come up during ovarian stimulation is resolved. This reduces at least one area of stress.
    • It can reduce the cost for each cycle.
    • The treatment can begin right away. It doesn’t need to depend on the egg donor’s