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    What is Egg Donation?

    Egg donation is an assisted reproductive method that allows individuals and couples to experience parenthood by using another woman’s eggs. Utilizing donor eggs is a great option for women who are unable to naturally reproduce using their own eggs, and for men who need an egg to produce an embryo. The process involves utilizing eggs from a younger woman and fertilizing them with sperm to create and embryo. The embryo is than implanted in the intended mother or surrogates uterus via IVF.

    One of the main benefits of egg donation is its high success rate. Our donors are thoroughly screened to ensure that they have high-quality and viable eggs. Egg quality plays a big role in success rates, which makes using donor eggs a great option for women struggling to get pregnant on their own.
    Our extensive donor database and egg bank consist of a wide variety of donors worldwide, allowing you to select the egg donor that best suits your wants and needs.

    Egg Donation Option

    Egg Bank

    Our Egg Bank, where a large selection of quality eggs are frozen through vitrification and stored in our on-site laboratory, makes your journey to parenthood shorter and less risky. It puts you in complete control of your timeline, since banked eggs are available for immediate use. Additionally, selecting donors from our bank eliminates waiting time and unforeseen setbacks. With our egg bank, you maximize success rates due to a guaranteed yield of mature eggs.

    Our extensive donor database allows you to find your perfect match. Whether you are looking for a donor with high IQ, specific aesthetics, gifts or talents, our matching program assures you have the opportunity to select the characteristics most important to you. With a fresh donor, you will also have the opportunity to ask the donor any questions you may have and the pool of eggs will not be divided or shared with other intended parents.

    Why consider egg donation?

    • Advanced maternal age
    • Premature ovarian failure
    • Ovarian failure after cancer treatment
    • Repetitive IVF failure or miscarriage
    • Inherited genetic disease and chromosomal abnormalities when PGD cannot be accomplished or has been unsuccessful
    • Anatomical issues preventing oocyte retrieval
    • Gay Male Couple or individual
    Complimentary Consultation
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