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    Seeing Some Hope With Surrogacy: My Journey to Using a Surrogate, Part 5 of 7

    I Was Finally Seeing Some Hope With Surrogacy

    By: Carolyn Dooley Apr 29, 2015

    Seeing Some Hope With SurrogacyA million questions swirled through my head. How could I accept this beautiful gift? How would my husband feel about accepting this type of money from my parents? Was I really at this point, a last resort? After how many miscarriages is a decision like this acceptable? Four, seven, ten?

    How many years do you have to suffer with fertility issues before using this option? Should I follow my Manhattan doctor’s recommendation and try one more round of IVF? The answer was to the last one was a resounding “no.” I would not allow my body to kill another one of my precious babies. My friend once winced when I said this: “You can’t think of this like that.” But that was the only way I looked at it.

    As guilty as this option made me feel, as much as I cried that day mourning the loss of the pregnancy I would most likely never experience, it was the first time in three years that I truly felt what I hardly realized I&#