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RSMC’s Suggestion of Endometrial Scratching Worked and the Couple Are Now Parents

Endometrial Scratching Was the Missing Link in Her Treatment Plan

Endometrial ScratchingSara and Troy had been together since college and had always assumed they would have a family once their careers were on track and they were ready. In their early thirties, they decided it was time and started trying to conceive on their own, the fun way. After a year Sara’s OB/GYN, who couldn’t find any obvious problems, suggested they consult a fertility specialist.

He recommended Reproductive Services Medical Center and Dr. Wood. At this point, Sara was anxious to know what was wrong and what their options were so they made an appointment at RSMC. After a full set of diagnostic tests to try and find the best and most effective way to help them RSMC came up with a few options then let Sara and Troy decide how they wanted to approach the problem.

The first thing they tried was two sessions of IUI but with no results. At this point, Sara felt the clock ticking and wanted to be more aggressive in her treatment. During her next cycle, they did an egg retrieval and ended up with 10 eggs resulting in 6 good quality embryos. Two of the embryos were implanted into Sara during an IVF procedure but did not result in a pregnancy.

It was at this point that Dr. Wood suggested endometrial scratching which involves scratching the lining of the womb in order to stimulate repair/growth which can be more receptive to implanting an embryo. Troy and Sara saw endometrial scratching as the next step up and decided to go for it before the next IVF. It worked! Troy and Sara had implanted 2 of their remaining 4 embryos during the next IVF and one of them took. They are now the proud parents of an adorable little girl named Cami and couldn’t be happier.

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