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    The Rise of Egg Freezing as a Fertility Choice

    Picture this, a group of women in their stylish glasses toasting to one another over the phrase: “Preserve your option.” Americans in 2019 are in the business of sales, and the best way to sell anything is to tell them they need it and that they have every right to take it. This is where egg freezing is right now.

    Everyone – celebrities, your friends, family members, and coworkers are speaking of preserving their fertility for the future. What is this procedure all about, and what can you expect from it in the future? Are the expenses worth it, and will it yield results? There are several questions regarding this new option for women.

    Egg Freezing as a Popular Go-to Choice for Women

    Merely seven years ago, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine got rid of the “experimental” label from the egg-freezing process, previously known as oocyte cryopreservation. Since 2012, egg freezing has become more and more popular. According to a survey by The New York Times, more than 200,000 women have decided to freeze their eggs. As per the survey Egg Freezing increase 2,100 percent from 2012 to 2018, says the ASRM.

    How Successful Is Egg Freezing?

    There is a limit of data on successful live births from frozen eggs. That’s because the statistics are combined with other statistics on births from frozen Egg Donors, and the ones resulting from a patient’s own egg freezing.

    Women who freeze their own eggs have an 18% success rate of conceiving, while those who use fertile donor eggs have a 30% success rate. While this procedure does not guarantee success, it drastically increases a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.

    Why Do Women Decide to Try Egg Freezing?

    Egg freezing was very quick to find their prime target – 30-year-old or older women. Many women are indecisive; they are uncertain whether or not they want a child, so they don’t do anything about it. Some are worried that their partners are not the perfect match for a child. Where some thinks they don’t have the resources to take on such a huge responsibility at an early age. If you have ever felt this way, you’re not alone. A recent study shows that around 50% of all single women undergo egg freezing. Especially when they don’t have a viable partner. Another issue is in regards to responsibilities as well as resources. Getting pregnant right now would constitute an actual fiscal emergency, which is why many women decide to have a child at an older age when they are more financially stable.

    Egg Freezing as a Viable Choice

    There are not many options available to women who are approaching their fertility declining stage. Being indecisive does come with the cost of time, and that’s where the egg freezing procedure can come in handy.

    With advances technological, egg freezing has now become an affordable and possible option for women who want to preserve their fertility. There are mo