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    Is it Easy to Get Pregnant in your 40s?

    The thought of getting pregnant at the age of 40 might be scary for some women. Even though getting pregnant in early 40s is possible without any fertility treatment, the chances of conceiving naturally are far lower than what it was when you were in your 20s or 30s. This means that conceiving naturally is not impossible in your 40s, but it may take longer. This is due to the rapid decline in fertility, which starts in your early 30s. Again, it may not be impossible to get pregnant in your 40s, but it’s definitely not the norm. With modern fertility techniques, you can even get pregnant in your late 40s or in some rare cases, after menopause. RSMC fertility clinic – San Diego & Irvine provides a few things that you should know about getting pregnant in your 40s.

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    Why Does a Woman’s Fertility Decline With Age?