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    I was Honored to be Part of My Wife’s Surrogacy Journey

    Surrogacy is an Incredible Gift

    I was Honored to be Part of My Wife’s Surrogacy Journey

    Surrogacy JourneyMy partner started a journey to help two families out approximately two years ago. It’s a new, uncharted territory for myself with new experiences. Unlike a regular pregnancy, we are paired with a couple. We undergo various tests, such as psychological testing, and an overall health screening. At first I was a bit against it for the simple fact I knew nothing about it, only what I’ve heard through people.

    I had many questions, concerns, and doubts. I was afraid for my partner to take on a pregnancy given that any pregnancy can have complications. The obvious thoughts settled in my head: “Is it really worth my partner’s health to help out strangers? Do we really even need the money? What if she has trouble delivering?”

    Surrogacy Was Her Decision to Make, I’m Just Here for Support

    Although I had doubts and concerns, I listened to the doctors. They answered my questions and eased my anxiety. I thought about the selfless act I was about to undergo with my partner. Ultimately, it’s her decision and I’m just there to support. I’m sure that it may be tough, scary, and worrisome for any woman to take on such responsibility.

    Often, I feel that people forget about what the significant other may be going through while they take on this challenge. At first it was difficult. As with any pregnancy, males have to deal with the roller-coasting mood swings, the hormones, etc.

    Getting past the part where you have to inject your significant other with the assigned meds… the morning sickness… the long periods of no sex! Having to put your intimate nights and spontaneous day sex routine on hold is also very hard.

    I Can’t Imagine Not Being a Father

    Getting past all that, you see why it was a great idea to help give the gift of life to “strangers”. I cannot see any of my days without being a father. It’s an awesome feeling knowing you helped these “strangers” out so they can experience parenthood.

    Witnessing the first journey my partner underwent opened my eyes to how much we take for granted: “pregnancies”, let alone our own. I saw an incredible human act and was honored to have been part of it. The anguish and pain my partner went through to deliver a child that belonged to someone else was a sight to see. The perspective of it is a wild one. You almost feel like “Well, okay that’s that, bye! Now what?”

    Watching her recover and get her strength back was a thing in itself. Now that she is at the point of being done with her second journey, I’m proud, I’m happy, and at lost for words. I will forever look at her as a hero and talk about this with grandchildren. It’s been tough and full of great experiences. If I could go back in time I’d choose it again the same way, 10 times over. It has built a great foundation, tested our integrity as partners, and we’re stronger because of it.

    Wish us luck on Friday night when we welcome baby Luke into this world.
    Thank you darling. I love you…

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