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    Make Money from Surrogacy Helped My Children Too!

    The Make Money from Surrogacy Helped My Children by Paying for the Extras They Wanted

    Surrogacy helped my childrenWe all know how surrogacy helps the Intended Parents and how wonderful a thing it is but I had never thought that much about it until I needed money for my own children. I married young and had my kids early, my husband has a decent job so when the kids were little I stayed home with them.

    Since we weren’t paying childcare the kid’s expenses weren’t that great. When they started school I started looking into part-time work but didn’t find anything that paid a good salary. Things were tight but we survived.

    When my son was in third grade he was a good soccer player and wanted to play on a “good” team, not just a neighborhood rec team. At the same time, my daughter became interested in ice skating and wanted lessons. Since, as all parents know, you can’t do it for one and not the other my husband and I were faced with a dilemma. How do we pay for these extra activities and keep me home so I can drive and supervise them?

    The answer came at a soccer game. I was talking to one of the moms and mentioned that I was surprised that she was pregnant since her youngest was in third grade already. She explained how she was a surrogate through Reproductive Services Medical Center and that the Make money from surrogacy, $55,000 for first-time surrogates, Surrogacy Helped My Children and kept her in her car chauffeuring kids around.

    My first thought was, well, good for her, she’s helping another family and her family at the same time. That worked out pretty well for her. When I mentioned it to my husband that night he thought it was a pretty great thing for her to do too. About three hours later he mentioned to me that my pregnancies were pretty uneventful, just the way you like them and that maybe I should talk to this woman some more. Which I did, at the next game. The next week she took me to RSMC to meet the surrogacy team and find out more about the program.

    Everybody was great and answered all of my questions. I especially liked the fact that they arranged for all the surrogate’s medical care to be performed by a private doctor, no waiting at the clinic. A week later I signed up and passed the medical exam, at that point the mom who brought me in was given a $1,000 recruiting bonus. After she got the bonus the two of us went to lunch without the kids and then had manicures, a real luxury when you’re on a tight budget.

    It took about three months for me to be matched with Intended Parents and another two for me to become pregnant with their daughter. The money was so helpful, my son is now on the team he wants to be on and we have the money to cover everything, team fees, uniform, travel, everything. Of course, I do all the traveling with him, which is great too.

    My daughter is in both private and group skating lessons wearing expensive skates. I drive her to lessons several times a week and just love to watch her practice. The money from the surrogacy has really improved the lives of my family, not just because it pays for stuff they want but because it allows me to stay home drive them to their activities so we can experience it together. Surrogacy really is the best work at a home job around, thanks RSMC.

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