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    Finding the Perfect Surrogate: My Journey to Using a Surrogate, Part 6 of 7

    Finally, the Perfect Surrogate

    By: Carolyn Dooley Apr 29, 2015

    Perfect SurrogateFor various reasons, the first two matches that were sent to us did not work out, but then I received a call from the agency informing me that a lovely, experienced surrogate in Kentucky was available. My heart sank a little because we were hoping to find a surrogate who lived closer to home, as we wanted to attend big appointments and, of course, the birth.

    Kentucky seemed so far. We decided to go forward with a conference call to speak with the couple despite the distance. They were lovely and Kentucky didn’t seem so far after all, if it meant getting our baby sooner than later.

    A few months later we were set to do the embryo transfer. Kristie, our