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    How I Became a Gestational Carrier: Part One

    This story originally appeared on: http://offbeathome.com/surrogacy-part-one/

    I am a surrogate. Gestational carrier. “Just the oven.” And I love it.

    gestational carrierMy interest in surrogacy began years ago, when a couple I knew was fighting a long battle against infertility and losing. I was pregnant with my second son at the time and I remember thinking as soon as he was born, I would love nothing more than to be a surrogate for them to carry the baby waiting for for years. They eventually adopted a daughter shortly before my son was born and the idea was put on the back burner.

    Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, a close friend was also pregnant at the same time — but as a surrogate. I followed her surrogacy journey closely and intently. It was after meeting the couple she carried for that I knew this was something I definitely wanted to do. Watching two people become a family of four and seeing the complete love and appreciation in their eyes was nothing short of amazing.

    As time went on, surrogacy was always on my mind. I’m a great candidate: I am good at being pregnant. I ha