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    Financing Infertility Treatment

    RSMC Has Affordable Infertility Treatment

    Affordable Infertility TreatmentInfertility is never easy. Both emotionally and financially draining, it is an obstacle most couples hoping to become parents dread. When IVF is your last resort, you consider all possible options. Considering how to finance treatment can be overwhelming, as it was with us. Once we sat down and compared pricing options, RSMC was by far the most affordable infertility treatment option. Additionally, when I spoke with the coordinator, I knew we had made the best decision. Oftentimes, the “not knowing” of what the better price might or might not get you is always a concern.

    However, they went above and beyond my expectations. The coordinator was always available and knowledgeable about the IVF process and required medicines. The pharmacy used through them were prompt and expedited every order so that I was sure to receive them the next day. I received calls from the coordinator to check on my progress and to verify I had received my orders. Ultimately, we were successful and are thrilled to be expecting our precious little bundle of joy in June! We are grateful to RSMC for making this difficult time and process easier than we expected.

    —R.J. Dunn, CA 

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