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    Conceiving Over 40: How IVF Can Help You

    Your Best Chance to Become Pregnant is IVF Over 40

    IVF over 40Women today are delaying childbearing for a number of reasons. These reasons can include education, career goals, the desire to be in a stable relationship or even to be financially secure. Since 40-year-old women today look and feel like they’re 30, they expect their bodies to act like 30. Unfortunately, time is not working in their favor, and their fertility is decreasing as they age.

    Fertility in women starts a gradual decline around age 30, which becomes a steeper decline after age 35. By age 40, the chances of conceiving, without assistance, are about 5% per menstrual cycle. Compare that to 20% for women under 30. Part of the reason for this is that Your Best Chance to Become Pregnant Over 40 is Through IVF, over half of a woman’s remaining eggs are chromosomally abnormal. These eggs cannot create a viable embryo, one that has a good chance of implanting.

    With the low chance of conceiving unassisted, and the limited amount of time left in their reproductive life, many women over 40 find it makes the mos