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    Why Become a Surrogate? Part 1 of 2

    There Are Many Reasons to Become a Surrogate

    A Surrogacy Miracle, Part 2: Become a Surrogate

    A Surrogacy Miracle, Part 2: Become a Surrogate

    The reasons a woman chooses to become a surrogate can be endless. Chances are, if you’re considering making this life changing choice, you’ve already compiled a list of reasons and benefits. Even so, here are nine more benefits to consider; one for each month you’ll be carrying a child.

    Giving Life

    Surrogates are given the chance to give a gift that no one else can. Intended parents turn to surrogacy because they need help conceiving a child. You’ll be chosen to help that couple become a family. You’re the one person who can turn an only child into a brother or a sister. It’s a selfless gift unlike any other, and the sense of accomplishment is a benefit all its own.


    Yes, you get paid. At RSMC our surrogates compensation starts at $40,000 + $5,000 in benefits with experienced surrogates making more. While most surrogates agree that financial compensation is not the only reason they choose to become a surrogate, it is indeed a benefit worthy of consideration.

    Many women use the compensation to put a down payment on a new house, buy a new car, send themselves back to school, or pay off college loans. Others use the funds as the nest egg that allows them to open their own business or even stop working in order to stay at home with their own children.

    One More Time

    Our surrogates tell us they love being pregnant. If you’re like them, you had uncomplicated pregnancies and loved every minute. Even so, your own family might be complete. Becoming a surrogate gives you the benefit of being pregnant one more time.

    Be a Role Model

    Choosing to be a surrogate makes you a stand out figure, not only in your home but also in your community. Earning the respect of your own children and of your peers is indeed a benefit.

    Global Perspective

    Becoming a surrogate will open eyes, both your own and those of people around you. Choosing to walk this road will give you the benefit of perspective. The ability to see life from walks of life very different to your own can be humbling and empowering at the same time. More reasons tomorrow

    If you’ve been interested in surrogacy and want more information, please check out our surrogacy website at: http://physicianssurrogacy.com or e-mail [email protected] and someone will contact you with information.

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