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    Why Become a Surrogate? Part 1 of 2

    There Are Many Reasons to Become a Surrogate

    A Surrogacy Miracle, Part 2: Become a Surrogate

    A Surrogacy Miracle, Part 2: Become a Surrogate

    The reasons a woman chooses to become a surrogate can be endless. Chances are, if you’re considering making this life changing choice, you’ve already compiled a list of reasons and benefits. Even so, here are nine more benefits to consider; one for each month you’ll be carrying a child.

    Giving Life

    Surrogates are given the chance to give a gift that no one else can. Intended parents turn to surrogacy because they need help conceiving a child. You’ll be chosen to help that couple become a family. You’re the one person who can turn an only child into a brother or a sister. It’s a selfless gift unlike any other, and the sense of accomplishment is a benefit all its own.


    Yes, you get paid. At RSMC our surrogates compensation starts at $40,000 + $5,000 in benefits with experienced surrogates making more. While most surrogates agree that financial compensation is not the only reason they choose to become a surr