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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Infertile Women

    Great Fertility Gift Ideas for Women Going Through Female Infertility Treatment

    Female infertility treatments are stressful, intense and hard on the woman’s body. For Valentine’s day, fertility gift ideasor any day you want to give her a gift to make her special. There’s always a donation to her “fertility fund” which, while being appreciated, isn’t going to make her feel special. Here are some fertility gift ideas that not only make her feel special but also help her during fertility treatments.

    • Massage gift certificate:

      Massage is a great way for hopeful mothers to relax and get rid of some of the stress that accompanies fertility treatment. Since stress can play a detrimental effect on fertility, like it does on everything else, a massage, or series of massages, is a wonderful fertility gift idea.

    • Acupuncture certificate:

      Acupuncture has been shown to help treat both male infertility and female infertility. Along with its stress reducing properties, acupuncture also improves blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, improves the uterine lining and egg quality, and reduces the side effects from IVF medications when started before fertility treatments.

    • Passes or tickets to adult entertainment:

      When people are going through infertility treatment it tends to become their sole focus, they might not even think about doing other things. Tickets to an entertainment event will get their minds focused on something else for a while and remind them that there is a life outside of fertility treatments.

    • Restaurant gift certificates or dinner at a nice restaurant:

      Infertility treatment is not cheap. Female infertility, in particular, can be expensive to address. Often one of the first things people cut out when they have a large expense is eating out at nice restaurants. A gift certificate to, or dinner out at, a nice restaurant is one of the great fertility gift ideas because it can make the infertile woman feel pampered and remind her that there is more to life.

    • Home delivery meal plan:

      When a woman is going through female infertility treatment sometimes cooking and shopping are the last things on her mind. A home delivery meal plan can provide tasty, easy to prepare meals that can be eaten at home when she doesn’t feel like going out.

    • Online book club membership:

      During female infertility treatments there are times when there isn’t much you can be proactive about, times when you need to escape to another world. An online book club, where the hopeful mother can download both audio and e-books of her choice, is a great fertility gift idea that will be with her whenever she has down time or needs a mental escape.

    • Gift basket:

      This can contain traditional chocolates and flowers but it can also contain scented soaps and lotions or candles that the woman enjoys. Putting together a basket full of things the woman loves is a great way of supporting her and making her feel loved.

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